Q: What is the next savings deadline for Memberships & Season Passes?
A: Brimacombe's Early Bird Savings on Memberships & Season Passes for the 2021-22 season end November 15, 2021. View Membership & Season Pass Rates & Information →

Q: What will this season look like?
A: Currently, we are planning to operate similarly to last season. Should restrictions be lifted, we will adjust our operational plan accordingly. Please take a moment to familiarize yourseld with last season's re-opening plan which outlined a number of changes that took effect in the 2020-21 season (Read More Here). At this time, we do not know how the vaccine passport will affect our operations, however we do encourage all staff, members and visitors who are eligible, to get fully vaccinated.

Q: If you close during the season due to COVID-19, will I get a refund on my Membership or Season Pass?
A: As outlined in the Passholder Terms & Conditions

All Passholders with or without Pass Protection will be considered for fee reductions for the following COVID-19 scenarios. In all scenarios, credit and/or refund will not be calculated until the week following the final week of the 2021-22 season. Deferment of pass will not be considered.

A. Full Closure: If Brimacombe does not open for the 2021-22 season due to COVID-19 restrictions, all 2021-22 Passholders will be refunded in full with option to receive refund via Brimacombe Gift Card or original payment method.  In the event of a full closure and subsequent full refund of 2021-22 Memberships/Season Passholders, all members in good standing from the 2020-21 season will remain members until the opening day of Brimacombe’s next operating season. 

B. Mid-Season Closure: If Brimacombe opens but closes for at least a week or more during the regular season (January 3, 2022 to March 13, 2022) due to COVID-19 restrictions, all 2021-22 Membership and Season Pass rates will be considered for a fee reduction to reflect the shortened season. The difference will be offered back as a Brimacombe Gift Card if closure is 1 to 2 weeks. If closure is more than 2 weeks, the difference will be refunded via Brimacombe Gift Card or original payment method. 

Membership and Season Pass rates will not be reduced lower than $50.00 plus applicable taxes.

C. Modified Season: If Brimacombe’s total weekly operational hours are consistently reduced by more than 45% as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, all 2021-22 Membership and Season Pass rates will be considered for a fee reduction to reflect the consistent significant reduction in hours and the difference will be offered back as a Brimacombe Gift Card.

Membership and Season Pass rates will not be reduced lower than $50.00 plus applicable taxes.


Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: Brimacombe is now closed for the 2020-21 season. View Hours of Operation →

Q: What runs/lifts are open?
A: For the latest updates, be sure to check our Snow Conditions page on our website on the day of your visit. 

Q: Where can I store my bag while I ski/board?
A: All bags and additional items must be stored in your vehicle – your car is your base lodge. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, chalet access is limited to washrooms and takeout food services (when available) and no on-site storage will be allowed.

Q: Is it okay if I set up a BBQ in the parking lot? 
A: Your car is your base lodge but tailgate parties in our parking lots will not be permitted – this includes open flame, tables, chairs, or anything that takes up an additional parking spot. Consuming alcohol, recreational drug usage and large gatherings will not be tolerated. Brimacombe’s Health Guidelines apply to all Brimacombe property, including parking lots.

Q: What happens if my lift ticket gets lost or misplaced during my visit?
A: When attached properly, Brimacombe lift tickets do not fall off. Lost/misplaced lift tickets will not be replaced and you may not be on property without a valid lift ticket. Another lift ticket will need to be purchased at full value. It is the responsibility of the lift ticket holder to ensure the lift ticket is attached securely. It is important to use a new wire each time you get a lift ticket. 


Q: Can I purchase a lift ticket a Brimacombe?
A: At this time, walk-up lift tickets are not available for purchase at Brimacombe. It may be possible to make an online reservation on the day of your visit, but we cannot guarantee the availability of tickets and rentals. Those wishing to hit the slopes are strongly encouraged to plan ahead by purchasing their lift tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: Click here to go to our reservation site. For a step-by-step guide on planning your visit this season, click here 

Q: How far in advance can I make a reservation?
A: The general public gets 5 days advanced booking and Brimacombe Members/Season Passholders get 10 days advanced booking. A new day is added each night at 8:00 p.m. EST. 

Q: Can I make as many reservations as I want? 
A: Currently, there will not be a limit to how many reservations a member or guest can make in the advanced booking period, but out of consideration for others, you are encouraged to make reservations only when you intend to visit. If you are unable to attend a reserved time slot, you will be directed to follow the cancellation instructions provided at booking. Taking the proper steps to release your time slot will release that spot so that it may be offered to another eager skier/snowboarder. If we find that we are experiencing a high rate of no shows/cancellations and that it is making it hard for other members and guests to reliably secure a spot and/or affecting the sustainability of Brimacombe’s operations it may be necessary to impose cancellation fees and/or consequences for repeat occurrences. Brimacombe reserves the right to update the reservation system and cancellation policy throughout the season, so that we can offer a positive experience for as many guests as possible.

Q: I haven’t picked up my Member/Season Pass card, what do I do? Can I still book?
A: You will need to know your pass number to book through our online reservation system. If you have not yet picked up your pass card(s) and do not know you card number, please contact the Main Office during office hours and they will be happy to provide it. If you know your member number, please go ahead with your booking. For the first week only, we will allow passholders who haven’t picked up their pass to check-in without it - you will be screened against our system at check-in and will be required to pick up your pass card(s) before riding a chairlift. Please note, passes are held at the Main Office in the East Chalet via Gate 4 (Parking Lot 4). Passes must be paid in full before pick up and will not be released without a signed waiver and photo.

Q: How do I cancel my reservation?
A: If you need to make any modifications or cancellations to your reservation. Use the link in your Reservation Confirmation email to access, modify or cancel your reservation up to 10 hours prior to your reservation. A full refund will be processed if it is 10 or more hours before your reservation time. Cancellation requests made 4-10 hours prior to scheduled arrival must be submitted by phone (905-983-5983) or email ( for consideration with the amount refunded (less cancellation fees) on a gift card only and are subject to approval. Please note, voicemails and emails may not be checked immediately. A $15 Cancellation Fee will apply to all refunds in this time frame. No refund will be processed if less than 4 hours before the reservation time.

Please see Brimacombe's Terms & Conditions for Time Slot Reservations for more details.


Q: Can I rent equipment? 
A: Equipment rentals will be offered by reservation only, due to reduced capacity in the rental shop. You must make your equipment reservation in advance. If you require equipment rentals, please be sure to select this option when reserving your visit. Capacity at our rental location will be reduced in accordance with Government and Public Health regulations. As such, rentals may not be available at your desired timeslot, please review this at your time of booking and make sure you reserve your rentals in advance.


Q: Is Brimacombe offering lessons? 
All multi-week lesson programs for the 2020-21 season have been cancelled. Due to the restrictions set out by the Province of Ontario and Durham Health, Brimacombe will be offering private lessons only, at this time. Please note, you MUST have booked a lift ticket reservation and equipment rental (if needed) before booking a private lesson. LEARN MORE ABOUT PRIVATE LESSONS →

Q: How do I book a Private Lesson? 
Please note, Private Lessons are currently only being booked for March 12, 13 and 14. Please stay tuned for future days to be released. 

  1. Reserve your lift ticket(s) (and rental equipment, if applicable)
  2. Call Guest Services (905-983-7669) to book your private lesson and be prepared to:
    1. Give your Reservation number
    2. Provide Method of payment credit card or Brimacombe gift card
    3. Answer questions about participant ability level, age, etc. to see if there is a lesson available for the participant’s needs

Q: How many people can be in a private lesson?
Private lessons at this time are 1:1 instruction. Depending on age and ability level, some lessons may require a parent/guardian present on equipment. The parent/guardian should not expect any instructor feedback during the lessons and should try to distance themselves from the lesson on the hill, but still be close enough to assist when needed. The parent/guardian must have a valid lift ticket during the reserved timeslot and lesson time.


Q: Will the chalet be open?
A: Chalet capacities will be significantly reduced and chalets are subject to restrictions based on our colour zone. At this time, the East Chalet will be limited to washrooms and take-out food purchases. The West Chalet will be limited to washroom use only when parking lot 1 is open. Where possible, one-way entry and exit points will be designated to control traffic and reduce crowding. Lockers and cubbies will not be available for use at this time and no bags will be allowed to stay in the chalets, they must be stored in your vehicle. Picnic tables for seating are available outside. 

Q: Is food available to purchase? 
A: At this time, take-out food services will continue to operate in the upper level of the East Chalet only. 

Q: Who will be enforcing masks and monitoring physical distancing?
A:  All of our staff will be enforcing Brimacombe’s COVID-19 policies. We will also have dedicated staff who will be helping direct line ups and enforcing Brimacombe’s mask and physical distancing policies. It is also the responsibility of our guests and members to do their part – please don’t be the reason we lose (the rest of) our season! To protect the health and safety of all visitors and team members and to ensure Brimacombe’s continued operation this season, we have implemented a 3-Strike Policy. Employees will be marking lift tickets each time a visitor is reminded to properly wear their mask and after 3 strikes, they will be asked to leave the property. Failure to abide by Brimacombe’s policies and procedures may result in a temporary or permanent restriction from using Brimacombe’s reservation system and/or facilities. 

Q: Will masks be mandatory? 
A: Absolutely! Face masks are required to be worn, both indoors and outdoors, at all times while at Brimacombe except when eating or drinking outdoors at designated seating, physically distanced from those outside your bubble. Masks are required to meet the guidelines by the Durham Region Health Department. A mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin, must be in contact with the surrounding face without gaping and must be able to filter respiratory droplets. In the case of a cloth non-medical mask or face covering, this means it should be made of 2+ layers of tightly woven fabric (such as cotton or linen). If your ski mask, face shield, neck warmer, tube or balaclava meets that criteria, you can wear it as a mask, but if there are breathing or ventilation holes, or it is a single layer of material, it will not be acceptable as a mask. We also recommend bringing a back-up or two so you are able to change it out when it gets damp.

Q: What is your capacity? 
A: Capacity varies based on the number of runs and lifts open and what we can comfortably manage and accommodate for physical distancing. In an effort to control crowding, we have staggered check-ins for our reservations, across multiple newly installed Guest Services kiosks. With advance registration, we will be able to keep a close eye on our numbers and know what to expect, allowing us to plan in advance and adjust, as needed. For the vast majority of days this winter season, we believe everyone who wants to access the slopes, will be able to; however, we anticipate at times there may be higher interest in certain weekends, which may result in the need to enforce a limited capacity and limit sales. We encourage making a reservation as early as possible to secure your spot and to avoid disappointment.

Q: How many people can ride on a chairlift?
A: Guests will be encouraged to self-group and load chairlifts with their household. Lift attendants may assist in creating groups of masked riders for the short ride duration with riders from different households at least one seat apart; however, lift attendants will not require guests to ride a chairlift with people from a different household. Lift loading procedures will continue to be guided by Government and Public Health recommendations.