Gate Details

Once you arrive at Brimacombe, you’ll want to choose the right Gate #/Parking Lot to fit your needs:

Gate 1 Parking Lot 1

Perfect if you want to park at the base of the slopes and don’t need direct access to rentals or the Snow School, other than the PeeWee Ski Camp.

Available at Gate 1:

  • West Chalet
  • PeeWee Ski Camp
  • Lift Ticket Services
  • Food Services

Gate 2Parking Lot 2

Located at the top of the slopes, this is the best place to park if you are arriving with your own equipment and are comfortable skiing/snowboarding down a blue run or longer green run to get to the base/chalet.

Available at Gate 2:

  • Lift Ticket Services

Gate 3 – Parking Lot 3

Located partway down a green run, this overflow parking lot is only open on our busiest days. No lift ticket or rental services are available in parking lot 3, so you must have a season pass or membership and your own equipment to park here.

Gate 4 – Parking Lot 4

The hub of our property, this main gate is perfect if you want to park at the base of the slopes and need access to lift tickets, rentals, membership services, lessons, the Slopeside store and so much more!
If it's your first time at Brimacombe, we highly suggest starting your visit here! 

Available at Gate 4:

  • East Chalet
  • Lift Ticket & Membership Services
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Snow School
  • Slopeside Retail Store
  • Accessible Parking
  • Food Services